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Specialists in fast and safe laser tattoo removal in and around Manchester city centre.

4.9 out of 5 | 50 reviews

I literally cannot recommend this place enough, I had such an amazing experience with them from booking the appointment to actually having the treatment done. Very professional, very clean, all information and aftercare given but most of all I am amazed at how well my tattoo removal is going. Thank you xx

Amy Foley

The process of getting my two tattoos removed at Tattoo Removal Manchester was an absolute dream. Nicola was super informative and friendly and made me feel so at ease the whole time. I had a patch test first to see how I would react and a week later started the process. I would 100% recommend anyone to come here for their tattoo removals.

Abi Mackie

I recently visited Tattoo Removal Manchester for advice about getting an old, embarrassing tattoo removed! I had been recommended to use TRM! Nicola is so friendly, lovely and smiley…she definitely knows her stuff and answered any queries I had about treatment, aftercare etc. The clinic is clean and comfortable!! After only a patch test and 1 session my tattoo has already faded and I’m really happy with the results so far!!!

Rachel Austin

Just had my first session and Nicola couldn’t have been lovelier. Very pleased to say it didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as I anticipated thanks to the cooling machine! Very quick and stress free. Nicola was ready to answer any questions and explained the aftercare to me well. Looking forward to the next session. :)

Fhaye Bousfield

Matt an Nicola are so friendly and helpful! They make the process so easy and the removal shows great results even for my first session. Definitely worth the cost and would highly recommend.

Bradley Allison

I would highly recommend Tattoo removal Manchester! Nicola, who performed the tattoo removal procedure was very professional and polite. My tattoo after one session has faded a massive amount and the tattoo removal sessions are very quick.

Jack Palmer

Had two sessions of laser removal on a piece that’s been bothering me for nearly ten years. Put it off because I thought it’d be painful. It was so much easier than I expected! Spoke me through the whole process and was super reassuring and patient. I’d go back again but my tattoo has almost completely disappeared 😊 super easy to go get covered now. Thanks!

Holly Anderson

What makes us special?

State-of-the-art laser tattoo removal in a safe and comfortable environment.



staff qualified to nationally recognised VTCT level 3 Diploma



faster than traditional laser systems



less pain per session with our Skin Air Cooling System



savings against traditional laser systems

Tattoo removal at its safest and its best.

Fewer sessions, so you save time and money with our pico-focus machine.

Unlike other laser machines which pulse lasers at a much lower frequency, our state of the art laser system uses innovative laser frequencies which rapidly pulses laser energy into the skin.

Our tattoo removal machines

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered.

How much does your laser tattoo removal cost?

We have a number of machines that can fit different budgets, it all depends on how quickly you want to remove your tattoo. Sessions start at £50 for the Q-switched and £99 for the Pico-focused Machine. Block booking discounts are available for larger pieces.

What machine do you use?

We currently offer two machines for removal.

Our cheaper option is the most common machine used by tattoo removal companies. This is a high powered, multi-wavelength Q-switched Nd: Yag. The best Q-switched Nd: Yag available, which works well on black ink and is in a lower price bracket than our Pico-focused machine.

Secondly, we have a dual-rod Pico-focused machine. The pinnacle of available removal technology, our Pico machine takes fewer sessions than on the Q-switched Nd: Yag, handles colours better and causes less thermal damage. This then reduces pain and speeds up recovery.

What is the skin air cooling system?

This is a major bit of kit that most laser removal companies do not have and we offer it for free. We aim to make the session as comfortable for you as possible, and this is deemed as the newest generation of cryo therapy around. This amazing machine decreases the temperature of the skin, which reduces the risk of skin burns.

Can I get a cover-up tattoo after the treatment?

Absolutely! Tattoo Removal Manchester was born out of the need to fade tattoos ready for a cover at Flesh Tattoo. A large portion of our business is preparing customers for a cover-up whether that be full removal or fading parts of the tattoo.

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